Guard Rail Systems

Guard Rails and Build-A-Rails are somewhat similar but each has their own set of applications that they are better suited for.

The standard Guard Rail system uses rails that are bolted to a column. They are typically used when longer runs of protection are required. Our columns allow for rails to be mounted on all four sides. There are many bolt-on options such as the Lift Out Rail Adapter, Down Guard Adapter, 45-Degree Angle Adapter and a Hinged Swinging Gate Assembly which makes the guard rail very versatile. Product is designed and tested to withstand 10,000 lbs. at 4 MPH.

Build-A-Rails are generally used for short lengths. The modular design uses base units that the rails are slid into. The rails are stackable and height can be added by simply stacking on another rail. The construction of the Build-A-Rail systems can withstand slightly greater impact than the Guard Rail.