New vs. Used Stretch Wrap Machines & Pallet Wrappers

Stretch wrap machines are an indispensable part of any shipping operation. They cut down on manual labor, improve efficiency, and can reduce product loss during transportation.  When it comes time to buy one for your facility, you can either purchase it new from the manufacturer or distributor or find someone selling a used one.  Read…

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Handle IT 1100 vs. Top Competitors (Q300, SML 150, Flex LPD)

When it comes time to choose a semi-automatic stretch wrap machine, there are several comparable models on the market. We often get asked how does the Handle-It 1100 stack up to the following competitors: Q300 SML 150 Flex LPD All four machines work well for heavy-duty applications, wherein you need to wrap large numbers of…

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800 vs 850PS: Comparing Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines

The 800 and 850PS semi-auto stretch wrap machines offer a wide range of benefits that provide superior functionality, efficiency, and flexibility when it comes to wrapping your pallets. The user-friendly control panel will enable your workers to wrap an average of 100 max loads per day.  An automatic or manual cycle provides for the creation…

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The game-changer: Introducing the 1200UL ultra low profile pallet wrapper. The easiest machine to load and unload!

At first glance, the differences are subtle. The 1200UL looks similar to our other pallet wrapping machines, but as soon as you see it, you’ll find yourself remarking: “Wow, that is the lowest turntable I’ve ever seen.”  Indeed, it is the lowest turntable height available on the market. It measures under 3/4″ tall and comes…

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Pallet Wrappers for Food Banks

During the Covid-19 crisis, a growing number of food banks are relying on Handle IT pallet wrapping equipment to handle the increased demands to serve their communities. All the additional funds they have received to purchase more food, organize it in their warehouses and have it ready for distribution has resulted in food banks needing fast…

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Stretch Wrapper Safety Guide

Automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers can improve the efficiency of your processes, and they can even remove some of the risks inherent in wrapping loads manually. However, like any machine, they do introduce safety hazards of their own. As such, it’s important to use best practices when installing and operating these machines.

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