Electric High Lift Pallet Jacks-Easily move and position pallets at the perfect working height!

Looking to improve your material handling process and need something to allow your workers to load and unload product without bending over?

Then an electric high lift pallet jack could be your perfect solution. These units allow you to easily transport product on skids throughout your facility and with the press of a button raise that skid to waist level so that you can load and unload product as you work. It combines the mobility of a pallet jack with the ergonomics of a scissor lift table. These pallet jacks reduce worker strain and fatigue as they maneuver product on and off the skid. They can easily raise and lower the working height throughout their process never having to bend over and pick up objects.

Our electric high lift pallet jacks are built for long term use and durability. They include onboard chargers, 110v plugin, and a battery level indicator. The control button is centrally located on the ergonomic handle and you can easily move skids with a tight turning radius.

Click the link for an indepth look at our Handle It electric skid lifter

Truly an affordable upgrade to your material handling process with a list price of only $2315.00


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