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Guard Rail – Medium Duty

Our medium duty safety guard rail provides a cost effective steel safety barrier in your facility. Protect pedestrian walkways, machinery, inplant buildings, and mezzanines from forklift accidents.

Stocked In Ontario, California

Cost Effective option

Single high or Double rail systems

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  • Available in single or double rail systems
  • Powder coated Handle It® yellow, yields high visibility in a durable finish
  • Columns are 4.75″ × 4.75″ steel square tube mounted on a 10″ × 10″ base plate
  • Our product design allows for faster installation cutting down on labor costs.
  • Drilled & pretapped posts have mounting on all four sides
  • Custom sizes available for your special projects
  • Heavy duty 3/4” anchors and hardware/caps included
  • Drop in rail adaptors available


Areas for Install:

  • Around inplant offices and workstations
  • Along pedestrian walkways
  • To protect sensitive machines
  • At the end of Rack aisles
  • Adjacent to conveyor lines
  • Around mezzanines


Installation Instructions


  1. Drop In Rail Adaptor: (LOA) allow for lift out style rails (bolt on sleeve to the column).
  2. Down Guard Adapters: (DGA) set rails flush with the floor providing low level protection.
  3. Safety Rail Gate Assembly: allows you to swing open and close a section of rail.
  4. Pedestrian Safety Gate: Safety gate designed for walkways and high traffic with a self closing hinges.



Rail Length
Center to Center of Columns
Outside to Outside of Base Plates
GR-9-MD 103''108''118''
GR-8-MD 91''96''106''
GR-3-MD 31''36''46''
PartColumn HeightDescriptionBaseplate Location
CS-1-MD18.5"Single Rail PostCentered
CSO-1-MD18.5"Single Rail PostOffset to one side
CS-2-MD43"Double Rail PostCentered
CSO-2-MD43"Double Rail PostOffset to one side


Yes, all necessary hardware is included. (Anchors, metal post caps, bolts, and washers.)

Yes, we are able to quote you any specific length that you would need. 

We measure our lengths from center to center of post. i.e. 10' rail is 115" long + each half of the adjacent post 2.5"+2.5" = 120"

Yes, we can quote our products in colors other than yellow.

Yes, we you can install our guardrail system outside. However, the elements will eventually cause the steel to rust through moisture etc.

Yes, our Down guard adaptor (DGA) allows you to install the bottom rail flush with the baseplate of the posts.

Yes, our Lift Out Adaptor (LOA) is a sleeve mounted to the post that allows you to drop in the rails. 


Video of Lift Out Adaptor Installation and Use


  • Add 1” to dimensions B and C if Lift Out Adapter or Down Guard Adapter are being used
  • Add 1.5” to dimensions B and C if using Hinge Option


Personal and professional customer service is offered on all Handle-It® Guard Rails. Our Guard Rail carries a one-year limited warranty on all materials and workmanship.