Horizontal Strapper - Pallet on FloorHorizontal Strapper - Pallet on FloorHorizontal Strapper - Pallet on Floor
Horizontal Strapper - Pallet on FloorHorizontal Strapper - Pallet on Floor
7.5 7.5" Touch Screen
Automatic Horizontal Strapper with Conveyor - rear viewAutomatic Horizontal Strapper with Conveyor - rear view
Strapped Pallet of Barrels using the Horizontal Strapper Strapped Pallet of Barrels using the Horizontal Strapper

Automatic Horizontal Pallet Strappers

With over 60 years of innovation, our 5th-generation horizontal strapping machines can take your packaging to the next level. Our horizontal strapping machine is used in sectors like agriculture, food, beverage, construction, logistics, and many more.

Revolutionary dynamic arch with active guides

Self-adjusting mobile floating strap head

Color illumination at each point in the cycle

10” touch screen with useful data and HMI

The first 100% electric horizontal strapper

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With an over 60-year track record and 5 generations, our horizontal strapping machines are built with top-quality features and components. We have unique design features that make our machine one of the most useful and reliable machines on the market today. Designed to be used either standalone or integrated into automatic lines.

Several Configurations Available

Our Automatic Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machines are available in several different configurations, ensuring you find the machine that’s perfect for your application.

The first configuration, the Standard 2700, is designed for logistics, e-commerce, construction materials, food/beverage, and agriculture. It is available with a cornerboard applicator robot to give more stability at the edges.

The second configuration, the 1400, is a shorter unit. It is useful with a belt conveyor for medium-sized cartons, furniture, and medium-sized appliance goods.

The last configuration is a Kanban System for the 2700. It has a two-position track and the machine will move from position to position creating a smoother material flow, and thus, a better throughput.

Performance & Specifications

  • Revolutionary dynamic arch:
    • Applies the perfect amount of strap every time
    • Doesn’t need to collect excess strap, reduces consumables, and reduces maintenance (collecting/lashing causes dust and strap deformation leading to more maintenance).
    • Dynamic arch can lightly compact the load if desired, improving stability.
    • The strap does not damage the product since there is no lashing of the strap.
    • The subsequent straps are placed faster once the initial is placed, which improves cycle times and is safer.
  • Active Strap guides on the arch
    • Reduces breakdowns and machine stops.
    • Generates less friction on the strap, reducing plastic dust and therefore, reducing required maintenance.
    • The strap integrity is retained, whereas typical passive guides will fray the strap.
    • Ability to use lighter straps, reducing cost and waste.
    • Optional self-cleaning system to reduce labor in maintenance.
  • Self-adjusting and mobile floating strapping head
    • The strapping head moves to the product, self-adjusts, and perfectly surrounds the product to be strapped.
  • Intuitive color information and warning
    • Highly visible lighting increases safety and allows operators to recognize the machine’s status from great distances away.
  • User-friendly HMI
    • Strapping tension can be set for each strap during the cycle.
    • Strapping programs (7) are adjustable by the user, regulating the position of the straps on the load (using an encoder instead of a detector to ensure the exact positioning of the straps) and up to 12 different heights.
    • Programming the strapping sequence (really useful for automatic corners applicator robot).
    • Program approved by UNIQ® standards for strapping palletized loads.
    • Customized program names
    • The cycle counter controls the quantity of loads strapped, consumption & maintenance to be made.
    • Visual warnings (pictures on the screen) of incidents, maintenance, and safety.
    • Multi-language: programmed in 3 languages.
  • Automatic reel holder changing
    • The reel holder will automatically position itself for strap coil changing.
  • Fully customized strap cycle
    • Strap from top to bottom, bottom to top, or from the center up and then down.
  • The first all-electric horizontal strapping machine
    • More energy savings (-30% consumption).
    • Less maintenance.
    • Easy installation with only one electric point.
    • More safety, the laid is more stable.
    • Gives you maximum precision (strap tension is 100% electric and precise, *pneumatic systems give you irregularities and are not as reliable which leads to potentially a poorly contained load).
  • Advanced strapping head
    • The strapping head is easily removed for quick maintenance.
    • Ergonomic design with grab handle 
    • Quick connectors 
    • Incorporates an encoder to control the movements of the strapping head step by step for maximum precision.
    • Linear weld lug entry 
    • Evenly distributes tension on both sides of the load
    • Heat welds the strap, the welding tab is inserted vertically making a strong weld 
  • Feed/Collecting of the strap
    • The head camshaft drive and strap tension are controlled by 3 independent motors to increase reliability and distribute workload, leading to longer life of the motors.
  • Adjustable tension of the strap
    • Controlled from the touch screen, you can choose different tensions for each strap on the pallet/load. A dedicated tension motor achieves a high level of precision with linear tensioning of the strap by stretching, to avoid deformations and launch failures of the strap in the arch.
  • Easy open system
    • You can easily remove the strapping without the need for tools.

Technical Specifications

  • Adjustable strapping tension (driven)
1800Nw Soft (PP & PET) & 5000Nw Hard (PP & PET)
  • Inverter/ PLC
  • Power Supply
440v 3 phase
  • Motor & Power consumption
8HP / 4Kw

Standard on Equipment

  • PP strapping head
  • Arch security system
  • Easy & quick strapping threading
  • 55” or 106” load heights
  • Load height detection, allows you to strap different height loads without changing machine settings
  • Reel winder
  • Touch screen to adjust parameters
  • Active guides for the strap
  • Adjustable tension by height
  • Easy open strap system
  • Easy coil reloading-guided step-by-step through the HMI


Product Information Sheet


  • Roller, chain, or belt conveyors
  • PET strapping head
  • Mixed strapping head for either PP or PET
  • Machine lateral movement (Kanban system)
  • Safety fences and light barriers with muting
  • Warning for the end of the strap coil
  • Remote technical assistance (via Ethernet)
  • Corner board application robot
  • The automatic cleaning system of the active guides through fixed brushes.
  • Extra touch screen
  • Upgrade to Siemens PLC and touchscreen


Pallet specifications:

  • Load width, minimum/maximum: 300mm (11.8”) /1300mm (51”) 
  • Load length, minimum/maximum: 300mm (11.8”)/1300mm (51”) 
  • Height to strap minimum/maximum: 110mm (4.33”)/ 1400mm or 2700mm (55” or 106”) 
  • Productivity with 2 straps: 90 pallets/hour for pallets 31”w x 48”l x 48”h 
  • Productivity with 5 straps: 80 pallets/hour for pallets 31”w x 48”l x 95”h 

Strapping head & Dynamic arch specifications:

  • PP, PET, or combo strapping head 
  • Maximum strapping tension (PP): 550nw (customizable to: Hard 1000 Nw or Soft 350 Nw) 
  • Strapping head maximum stroke: 200mm (7.9”) 
  • Dynamic arch maximum stroke: 1160mm (45.6”) 
  • Side sliding rail length (Kanban system) 4000mm (157”) 

Strap reel specifications:

  • Polypropylene (PP) and/or Polyester (PET) 
  • Strap sizes: width (12, 14, 16 & 19mm /(½”-¾” wide). Thickness (0.7,0.8,0.9 & 1mm /(.028”, .031”, .035” .040” thick) 
  • Strap coil dimensions: 16” core x 9” wide
  • Up to 16,000’ coil length

Electrical specifications:

  • Power supply 440v 3 phase
  • Control voltage 24v
  • Gearmotors MEB Transtecno
  • Drivers Omron
  • PLC Omron
  • Sensors Wenglor
  • Encoder Baumer
  • Touch screen 10” Weintek
  • Safety switch Omron
  • Safety barriers Omron, Wenglor



3-year warranty on the structure; 1-year warranty on strapping head and track.