Quality Pallet Wrappers Will Keep Your Logistics Operation Moving

Wrapping is the last step before pallets loaded with your products go out the door. If a pallet isn’t well-wrapped you risk cartons or other packages getting damaged in transit. That’s going to reflect badly on you, make customers unhappy, and probably turn out expensive.

If your pallet wrapper breaks down, can you still ship? Maybe you can wrap manually but it’s going to be slower, more expensive, and not as well-done.

Bottom line, you can’t afford to go cheap on pallet wrapping equipment. It jeopardizes your products, your delivery performance, and your reputation. That’s why you need high-quality equipment that’s built to last.

How Handle It Engineers Quality Into Every Pallet Wrapper

Good quality doesn’t happen by chance. It’s the result of rigorous design, planning, and control coupled with consistent execution.

At Handle It this starts with the Quality Management System (QMS). This defines every activity and job, from sending quotations and taking orders to dispatching products and monitoring warranty performance. The QMS at Handle It meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and is subject to external audit to ensure there’s no backsliding or corner-cutting on what’s expected.

Handle It pallet wrappers are designed and engineered in Europe. That means:

  • You can be sure they were designed for reliable performance, not low cost.
  • They comply with European safety standards, as shown by the CE marking.

Every pallet wrapper is designed for durability from the base up. For example, you’ll find sturdy rack and pinion mechanisms inside, and metal rather than nylon rollers.

Key components are sourced from leading manufacturers with outstanding reputations for service, support, and of course, quality. For example, AC motors and power transmission components are provided by Bonfiglioli of Italy. This well-established manufacturer boasts a global presence, so should you ever need replacement parts, they will be available.

Final assembly and testing are performed at the Handle It base in Milwaukee, WI. This is where every pallet wrapper is put together and put through its paces to ensure it performs as expected. Where necessary, programming is carried out here, too.

The quality of every Handle It pallet wrapper results from planning, attention to detail, and consistent execution, day in and day out. That’s why you can trust them with your reputation.

Standing Behind Our Pallet Wrappers

At Handle It, we understand there’s more to a product than what comes in the box or on the pallet. That’s why training, service, and support are integral to what we do.

When you buy a Handle It pallet wrapper we’ll make sure your people know not only how to use it, but how to achieve peak performance with every job. And when you’ve worked it so hard that parts need replacing, we’ll be there to help with that, too. And don’t forget the standard 3-year warranty!

A Quality Product That Protects Your Business

Problems with a pallet wrapper can cost you dearly. Damaged products and delayed shipments are just the tip of the iceberg. The bigger impact, the one you won’t see immediately, is the damage to your reputation.

Don’t take the chance. Invest in a quality product from a company that understands the critical role pallet wrappers play in manufacturing and distribution.

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The company was founded in 1976 and the brand Handle It was born in 1999 by Jim Hunter, president of MII Equipment. Drawing on nearly 25 years of industry experience Handle It was created to manufacture floor mounted safety equipment, dock equipment, ergonomic equipment, packaging equipment and other material handling products to serve the needs of industrial customers.



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