From two-man microbreweries to mid-level craft breweries and distributors, Handle It has the pallet wrapping equipment you need to safely get your suds to market. We carry a wide range of semi and fully automatic pallet wrappers that will add several layers of efficiency to your shipping and pallet wrapping processes.

Pallet Wrappers for Craft and Micro Breweries

As your microbrewery grows in size, you’ve probably realized that hand-wrapping your pallets is no longer feasible from a time, money, and safety perspective. An automatic or semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine is the answer to your problem.

Pallet wrapping machines from Handle It will help:

  • Reduce lost and damaged goods
  • Reduce shrink or stretch wrap usage
  • Lower packaging material costs
  • Improve efficiencies

If you’re shipping out 15-20 pallets per day, consider the Model 800 semi-automatic stretch wrapper for breweries. It has 18 customizable wrap programs, a user-friendly control panel, and comes with a 3-year warranty.

For operations that ship over 20 pallets per day, the Model 850PS offers top-of-the-line functionality at a reasonable price. It can also help save up to 60% in stretch wrap film costs through the innovative 250% power pre-stretch feature.

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Guard Rails for Craft and Micro Breweries

Most microbrewery warehouses are small—however—that doesn’t mean they’re immune to industrial accidents. In fact, due to the confined floor space of a smaller warehouse, the chances of a forklift operator accidentally bumping into a rack or pedestrian increases significantly.

Guard rails from Handle It puts a hard-to-miss, metal yellow barrier between forklifts, pedestrians, and your warehouse racks.

Our guard rails can help add an additional layer of protection to:

  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Forklift driving lanes
  • Pallet racking
  • Shipping and packing departments
  • Warehouse rack aisles

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Rack Protectors for Craft and Micro Breweries

Rack Protectors and End of Aisle Guards are invaluable when it comes to protecting your pallet rack frames from extremely dangerous and costly damage. Months of hard labor can come crashing down to the floor in an instant if a forklift accidentally runs into a pallet rack.

The cost of rack protectors is minimal in comparison to the cost of rack replacement, repair, and lost goods. They are a necessary safety component in your rapidly growing craft or microbrewery.

Rack protectors shield inventory from a forklift, pallet truck, or other heavy machinery impacts. Rack aisle guides are another type of protective equipment. A heavy-duty thickness of 0.375” ensures that damage to both people and inventory is mitigated during an accident.

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The company was founded in 1976 and the brand Handle It was born in 1999 by Jim Hunter, president of MII Equipment. Drawing on nearly 25 years of industry experience Handle It was created to manufacture floor mounted safety equipment, dock equipment, ergonomic equipment, packaging equipment and other material handling products to serve the needs of industrial customers.



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