Stretch Wrapping Refrigerated Products

refrigerated products in crates ready for stretch wrappingstretch wrapped refrigerated products in a cold warehouse

Hand wrapping pallets of refrigerated products can lead to damage, bruises, and spoilage during transport or storage. A pallet wrapping machine from Handle It will provide a cleaner, more consistent, and secure wrap. Our fully and semi-automatic turntable stretch wrappers offer many benefits, such as:

Handle It pallet wrapping machines come with a wide range of useful features, such as:

  • User-friendly control panel
  • Ability to use perforated shrink wrap
  • Cold kit for the machine
  • 250% power pre-stretch to save shrink wrap
  • Up to 32 custom wrap cycles
  • Rack and pinion carriage drive for increased reliability


Recommended Products


The Model 850PS comes with a 250% power pre-stretch feature which will help save on shrink wrap costs. Ideal for operations that wrap up to 100 pallets per day.


Wrap up to 300 pallets per day with the Model 1100 semi-automatic stretch wrapper. Thirty-two end-user programs, 250% film pre-stretch, and a 4,400lb max load capacity will help your operation run efficiently.


The Model 1100AA-C fully automatic pallet wrapper will allow workers to operate the machine while sitting on their forklift. Ideal for operations that need to wrap up to 300 loads per day.

Pro Tips

We offer two levels of cold kits for our machines—freezing and just below freezing. Kit features include:

  • Heater for the control panel to keep it warm
  • Low-temperature oil for gearboxes
  • Cabling and plastics are softer and more flexible (to avoid cracking)
  • Support casters for the turntable are softer (to avoid cracking)

In cold environments, the stretch film can become static—we offer an anti-static brush that can reduce or eliminate the static.

Here are a few other pro-tips for stretch wrapping refrigerated products:

  • Start with a 50% film tension for most loads using two or three top and bottom rotations
  • Start with less tension and slower speeds for cycle time and load containment. Gradually increase to optimize
  • Use a thicker film or lower tension when wrapping products with sharp edges
  • Increase the overwrap delay (“flanging time”) and top rotations for outlier products at the top
  • Try using a fixed height setting or increase the flanging time (Model 1100) for voids or empty spaces
  • Lock in with roping divide and set reinforcement extra height
  • Use variable tension to start with a lower tension at the pallet bottom. Gradually increase tension on the way down for a more secure load


The versatile 850PS Stretch Wrap Machine, can handle cold storage wrapping efficiently and at high volume.


The below industries can benefit from stretch wrapping perishable products with a Handle It stretch wrapping machine:



Help ensure the safe transport and delivery of your refrigerated products to grocery and other stores. Plastic wrapping can help reduce the chances of damaged merchandise while in transit due to wrapping pallets by hand.


Logistical and warehouse operations receive and devan countless pallets every day. Wrapping refrigerated products with a pallet wrapper will keep the shipment safe until it reaches its final destination.


Ensure the secure transport of your customer’s refrigerated products with a fully or semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine. The 250% power pre-stretch allows for up to 50% savings in shrink wrap usage.

Food & Beverage

Global conglomerates, start-up brands, grocery suppliers, and local food banks all handle refrigerated products and can benefit from a pallet wrapper with cold storage capabilities.


Whether you’re transporting hops or getting your suds to market, a Handle It semi or fully automatic pallet wrapper will help to secure the load and prevent damage or spills.


Pallet wrappers can help commercial farms, marijuana farms, urban farms, and other agricultural concerns safely get their perishable boxed products to the market or distribution centers.


Keep your pharmaceutical ingredients safe and at proper temperature when in transit and storage. Handle It pallet wrappers will provide a clean and consistent wrap to secure your products.


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Enabling use of Breathable Stretch Wrap Film for an Agricultural Fresh Vegetable Supplier

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Pallet Wrappers to Match Your Application

Handle It has a wide range of fully automatic, semi-automatic and mobile robotic pallet wrappers that come with many features that will allow you to improve your shipping efficiency while properly securing your pallets for transport.

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