Semi-Automatic Turntable Pallet Wrappers

Semi-automatic stretch wrap machines significantly improve your packaging operations. They can drastically reduce the time needed to wrap pallets compared to your current manual process. Save both time and money with our line of semi-auto pallet wrappers.

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800 Semi-Auto Stretch Turntable Wrap Machine

Handle it 800 stretch wrapper
The Model 800 is a mid-level pallet wrapping turntable, rated for up to 100 pallets per day and 4,400 lb. capacity.

850PS Semi-Auto Stretch Wrap Machine

Handle It stretch wrapper 850PS
The Model 850 PS is a mid-level turntable machine, rated for up to 100 pallets per day and 4,400 lb. capacity. Includes a 250% pre-stretch...

1200UL Ultra Low Profile Stretch Wrap Machine

Ultra Low Pallet wrapper
The Model 1200 automatic turntable stretch wrapper features a patented 3/4 inch frame, 2,600 lb. capacity and 250% pre-stretch carriage. Ideal for pallet jack loading/unloading...

1100 Semi-Auto Turntable Stretch Wrap Machine

1100AC Semi-Auto Stretch Wrap Machine
The Model 1100 is a heavy-duty machine, rated for up to 300 pallets per day and 4,400 lb. capacity. Includes 250% pre-stretch carriage.

600 Semi-Auto Turntable Stretch Wrap Machine

Handle It 600 stretch wrapper
The Model 600 is an entry-level machine, rated for up to 20 loads per day, and 3,000 lb. capacity.

Pallet Wrapping Machine with Scale

Available weigh scales built into the machine
Maximize your efficiency and space with an integrated scale built into any of our low profile pallet wrappers.

What Are Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines?

Semi-automatic stretch wrappers add more efficiency to your packaging process. Although it still requires an operator, it can drastically reduce the time needed to wrap pallets compared to your current manual stretch wrap machine.

Fully-automatic stretch wrap machines, on the other hand, completely automate the wrapping operation without any human intervention. They help ensure an efficient and professional wrap job every time. Once completed, the film is automatically cut and sealed to the package.

How Do Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper Machines Work?

Once the operator loads the turntable, attaches the film, and pushes the start button, the machine will automatically begin the wrapping process. The built-in sensor will determine the load height, and then uniformly wrap it from top to bottom. The result is a repeatable process that helps ensure the product arrives at your customer in the condition it left. 

While manually wrapping pallets eventually gets the job done, semi-automatic stretch wrap machines take much less time to efficiently and consistently perform the process. By reducing waste and decreasing operation time, you’ll quickly begin to see a return on your investment.


Wrapping by Hand vs. Pallet Wrapping Machine

Wrapping pallets by hand is not only inefficient but subject to human error. Damaged or lost goods resulting from poorly wrapped pallets can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars or more every year. Semi-automatic shrink wrap turntable machines help save both time and money by increasing efficiency and decreasing waste.

Handle It’s Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine Options

Handle It® has a pallet stretch wrap turntable machine for every budget and application, from entry-level to heavy use! Explore our model pages above to learn more and find the machine that meets your packing needs.


Model (SWM-SA – 0###)600800850PS11001200UL **
Max Average Loads Per Day20100100300200
Load Capacity3000lbs.4400lbs.4400lbs.4400lbs.3300lbs.
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)93”x 59” x 88”93”x 59”x 88”93” x 59” x 88”104”x 59” x 97”111” x 65” x 95”
Photo Eye
Electronic Film Tension Control
Power Pre-Stretch 250%
Variable Power Pre-Stretch (600%)OptionalOptional
Auto Film CutOptionalOptional
Max Wrap Height86”86”86”86”86”
Extended Mast Wrap Height.98”98”118”118”
Custom Top & Bottom Wraps
Rack & Pinion Carriage Drive
Integrated ScaleOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Playback Recordable Cycles
Onboard Diagnostics
Total pallets wrapped counter
# Of Cycle Parameters7665757
# Of User Saved Cycle Programs39 regular & 9 recordable3232
Quick Select Parameters
Ergonomic Film Change
**Patented Ultra Low Frame No Ramp Needed, Turntable height less than 3/4” **



  • Designed and manufactured in Europe
  • Final assembly, testing, and programming in Milwaukee, Wi
  • ISO 9000 certification
  • CE compliant
  • Utilize high quality components
  • We test and pre-program every machine prior to shipment