When it comes to choosing the right pallet or stretch wrapper, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  1. How many pallet loads are you wrapping per day? This helps to determine the right range of machine you will need for optimal performance and film efficiency.
  2. How heavy is the product you are wrapping? Different models have different maximum weight capacities. If your pallets exceed 4400lbs then a different style machine such as a rotary arm or mobile pallet wrapper would be a good choice. 
  3. How tall is the product you are wrapping, and what are the overall dimensions? This helps determine the size and height specifications required of the machine to effectively wrap your product. We have options for oversize pallets.
  4. Do you need to optimize your film usage? – Power pre-stretch carriages, such as on the 850PS Model reduce film needed per pallet and decrease your film costs by up to 60%! If you are wrapping 20 or more pallets per day you can payoff the cost of a power pre-stretch carriage in just a few months and save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the machine. 
  5. Do you need a pallet wrapper with a scale? – You can add a scale to most of our stretch wrappers By adding an integrated scale you can effectively weigh your pallets for transport and eliminate extra handling by combining your weighing and wrapping station.
  6. Will you be loading with fork trucks or pallet jacks that require a ramp to load? We offer a variety of ramps that allow you to load the machine whether hand pallet jack or electric jack.
  7. Are you limited on space and need to load with manual jacks or electric pallet jacks? Our 1200UL Ultra-Low turnable doesn’t require long ramps to be loaded, which saves you a lot of space! This patented frame design includes a 3 sided ramp and greatly reduces the effort to load the pallet with pallet jacks and requires less space than traditional machines.

SWM-SA-600 semi-automatic pallet wrapper

Entry Level Model:

The SWM-SA-600 is our least expensive model. It’s great for low-to-moderate use and allows you to wrap up to 20 loads per day.


  • Production Rate Up to 20 loads per day
  • Basic controls
  • 3000lb capacity
  • Photo Eye, Semi-Automatic operation
  • Best for: Low to moderate use. Perfect for a small operation that currently hand wraps.
  • Explore the Model 600
  • List Price: $6,000



SWM-SA-800 semi-automatic pallet wrapper

Mid Level Models:

These two mid-level models are great for packaging operations that require a wrapper that can handle up to 100 loads per day. They offer more advanced controls than the entry-level model.


  • Production Rate Up to 100 loads per day
  • Upgraded controls with customized wrap load cycles
  • Electronic film tensioner
  • 4400lb capacity
  • Photo Eye, Semi-Automatic operation
  • Best for: This model covers a wide range of entry to mid-level operations and is a top value choice. If you want to use 60% less film, consider the 850PS model.
  • Explore the Model 800
  • List Price $7,000



SWM-SA-850PS semi-automatic pallet wrapper


  • Production Rate Up to 100 loads per day
  • Power stretch carriage reduces film usage by 60%
  • Electronic film tensioner 
  • 4400lb capacity
  • Same controls as the 800
  • 250% powered film pre-stretch (better film efficiency than the SWM-SA-800 model)
  • Photo Eye, Semi-Automatic operation
  • Best for: The model 850PS is suitable for many applications. It falls right in the middle of our offerings and has a high-efficiency film carriage. If you want to save time and money, this model is an exceptional choice.
  • Explore the Model 850PS
  • List Price $9,300


High Level Models

These two high-level models can wrap 200-300 pallets per day. They’re an excellent choice for heavy-duty packaging operations that require highly custom wrap cycles.   


  • Heavy-duty level semi-automatic pallet wrapper machine, rugged build for tough environments
  • Rated for up to 300 pallet loads per day
  • 4400lb capacity
  • 250% powered film pre-stretch (better film efficiency)
  • Photo Eye, Semi-Automatic operation
  • Power stretch carriage reduces film usage by 60%
  • Variable tension control throughout the wrap cycle
  • Robust controls with many parameters to customize the wrap cycle.
  • Best for: This is our most rugged model that’s designed for challenging environments. The controls can be adjusted to suit nearly any application requirement. This model also has the most optional add-ons. 
  • Explore the Model 1100
  • List Price $11,300



SWM-SA-1200UL (ultra-low frame) semi-automatic pallet wrapper

SWM-SA-1200UL (Ultra Low Frame)

  • Rated for up to 200 loads per day
  • 2600lb capacity
  • 250% powered film pre-stretch (better film efficiency)
  • Photo Eye, Semi-Automatic operation
  • Patented Ultra-low frame & ramp easiest-loading machine on the market!
  • Robust controls with many parameters to customize the wrap cycle.
  • Variable tension control throughout the wrap cycle
  • The ring ramp allows you to load and unload with nearly any material handling equipment, electric walkies, hand pallet jacks, stackers, you name it!
  • Best for: This machine has the same robust controls as the 1100AC. The added ultra-low profile frame and ring ramp allows you to use various equipment to quickly and safely load the unwrapped pallets.
  • Explore the Model 1200UL
  • List Price $15,300 



Fully Automatic Model:
SWM-SA-1100AA-C fully-automatic pallet wrapper


  • Production Rate Up to 300 loads per day
  • 4400lb capacity
  • 250% powered film pre-stretch (better film efficiency)
  • Photo Eye, Automatic operation
  • Variable tension control
  • Remote Control operated, film auto attaches, cuts, and hot seals.
  • Explore the Model 1100AA-C



Other Types of Pallet Wrappers to Consider:

Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines – These models allow you to control the automatic pallet wrapping machine via remote control—you don’t have to get off your forklift for any part of the wrap cycle. This improves your efficiency and overall throughput. These automatic pallet wrappers will automatically attach, hot seal, and then cut the stretch film.

Rotating Arm Stretch Wrappers – Ideal for extremely heavy, light, and unsteady loads as the pallet wrapping machine is stationary. They also tend to wrap at a higher speed than turntable stretch wrappers.

Mobile Robot Wrappers – Niche machine with their best attribute being that it can wrap very long or heavy pallets, and you can stow them away when not in use.




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