Forklift Wheel Stop Forklift Wheel Stop Forklift Wheel Stop
Forklift Wheel Stop Forklift Wheel Stop
Forklift Wheel Stop Forklift Wheel Stop

Forklift Wheel Stops

A wheel stop is an inexpensive device that can save you a lot of money. Strategically installed in your factory, warehouse, or packaging area, they will stop a forklift truck from being driven somewhere it shouldn’t.

A wheel stop is a triangular steel wedge 42” long. It’s bolted to the floor and painted bright yellow for visibility. At 2” high it’s not so big that it gets in the way, but it’s big enough to stop the wheels of a pallet truck or forklift.

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Protect Your Forklift Drivers & Stretch Wrapping Machines

Forklift trucks are heavy. Many weigh more than 9,000 lbs. Plus, when carrying a loaded pallet, the driver doesn’t have a great view of where the wheels are going. As a result, it’s very easy to drive across the turntable of a stretch wrapper. And no, the stretch wrapper probably isn’t going to handle it well.

A wheel stop installed just a few inches in front of the stretch wrapper prevents accidents like these. They protect your stretch wrapper investment, and also prevent the delays and disruption that would result from a damaged stretch wrapper.

A well-placed forklift wheel stop improves stretch wrapping productivity.

Rather than getting out to see if the pallet is positioned over the turntable, or asking a coworker for guidance, the driver edges forward until the wheels hit the stop. That tells the driver the pallet is in position and can be lowered onto the turntable. A few seconds saved on every visit to the wrapper quickly add up to significant efficiency gains!

While stretch wrappers are particularly vulnerable to damage from forklifts, they’re not the only warehouse machine or piece of factory equipment at risk. Protect conveyor belts, machines, and building columns with wheel stops placed where they’ll prevent accidents and damage.

Easy Installation

Four bolts secure the 42” long wheel stop to the floor. 3/4” wedge anchors are recommended. Find the perfect position by bringing the forklift truck up to the pallet wrapper. Slide the wheel stop in front of the front wheel and back the forklift away.

Use a concrete drill to drill the four mounting holes. Then install the wedge anchors. Tighten down to the recommended torque. Now your pallet wrapper or other equipment is protected against roving forklift trucks.

Forklift Wheel Stops — An Investment, Not An Expense

You can’t ship pallets without wrapping them first. If a forklift truck accidentally drives over the turntable of your stretch wrapper (it’s easily done), you won’t be loading trucks until you figure out a workaround.

A wheel stop is a simple device, yet it can save you thousands in equipment repairs and late delivery costs. Why take the risk? Install wheel stops in your factory, packing area, or warehouse and protect your equipment against forklift truck damage.

Count On Handle It For Safety & Protection Devices

Handle It offers a range of devices designed to protect your equipment. This includes guard rails and post protectors as well as wheel stops and steel bollards. Steel bollards and guard rails work well on corners but aren’t appropriate when the forklift has to approach a machine or other device. That’s when you should use wheel stops.

Unsure which protective device you need? Let our product specialists help.

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Personal and professional customer service is offered on all Handle It Forklift Wheel Stops. Our Wheel Stops carry a three-year limited warranty on all materials and workmanship.