Pallet Wrapper Preventative Maintenance Guide

A pallet wrapping machine is no different than any other piece of industrial equipment. It requires regular maintenance to ensure long-lasting performance and reduced downtime due to mechanical breakdowns. It can also help prevent operational errors, which can lead to damaged goods. The alternative to not planning service comes at a considerable cost—the machine will…

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How Much Money Can You Save On Film With A Pre-Stretch Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper?

Hand-wrapping pallets is an incredibly laborious and time-consuming process. Human error, wasted shrink wrap, and improperly wrapped loads can drive up shipping costs considerably. A pre-stretch semi-automatic wrap machine can help automate the entire wrapping process while decreasing costs. The pre-stretch feature serves to maximize the number of loads you can wrap while significantly reducing…

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How Much Does a Pallet/Stretch Wrapper Cost?

Pallet wrapping machines are a valuable addition to any shipping operation. From small specialty warehouses to large packaging operations, these machines help save time, money, and labor costs. If you’re in the market for a stretch wrapper, you might wonder how much they cost and what exact returns you’ll get on your investment. Read on…

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Handle It 800 vs. Uline Predator H-1020

There are a few essential things to consider when it comes to finding the right semi-automatic stretch wrap machine for your packaging facility. The number of features, benefits, and even the warranty will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. At Handle It, we often get asked about the main differences between our popular Model 800 versus…

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Low-Profile vs. High-Profile Turntable Pallet Wrappers

Improved efficiency and a measurable decrease in manual labor make turntable pallet wrappers an indispensable part of any shipping operation. If you’re researching turntable pallet wrapping machines, perhaps you’ve noticed that some are labeled “low-profile” and others “high-profile.” Read on to learn more about the differences between high and low-profile pallet wrappers and how to…

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Warehouse Safety Guard Rail Frequently Asked Questions

Guard rails play an essential role in improving the safety of any warehouse or manufacturing facility. They provide safe walkways for employees, allow for the development of intelligent traffic patterns, and can easily absorb accidental impacts from forklifts and other vehicles. If you’re in the market for a new or replacement guard rail system for…

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