Independent shipping and warehouse operators are the core of the American shipping and delivery business. Coordinating shipments, and essentially handling millions of dollars’ worth of inventory, the success of the logistics and warehousing industry is directly tied to business advancement across the board.

Handle It recognizes the need for high-quality products in all aspects of the modern shipping industry. Serving clients such as DHL, Walmart, and Target, Handle It takes pride in supporting a range of warehouse and facility operational needs.

The logistics and warehousing industries we currently serve include:

  • Third-party logistics (3PL) businesses
  • Distribution centers
  • E-commerce warehousing facilities

From the smallest rack protector and guard rail system to the largest stretch wrap or pallet wrapper machine, trust the professional team at Handle It to outfit your facility with only the best of the best.

Pallet Wrappers for Logistics & Warehousing

Mid to high-end pallet wrappers such as Handle It’s turntable pallet wrapping machines are excellent investments for high volume logistics and warehousing facilities. Wrap protectors are much more prevalent in these industries and can increase productivity while decreasing the chances of costly damage or accidents.

Handle It’s pallet wrappers are designed to function in a variety of warehousing environments. Some models, including the 1200UL machine, are built to accommodate additional features that maximize efficiency. Automatic film cutters, remote control systems, and pre-stretch wrapping machines are options for many models.

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Guard Rails for Logistics & Warehousing

Although physical deterrents and employee training can help to abate problems, the best and most cost-effective form of protection is found in Handle It’s guardrail systems for logistics and warehousing facilities.

We understand that heavy machinery is an important part of your facility design, which is why we offer heavy-duty guard rails that are rated for up to 10,000 pounds of impact. A modular warehouse safety barrier system is a less permanent solution for mezzanines and pedestrian walkways, maximizing both your budget and your internal safety regulations.

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Rack Protectors For Logistics & Warehousing

Liability claims and severe merchandise damage are always a possibility in these environments, even with the utmost care and attention. Protect your logistics and warehousing facility from future damage by investing in Handle It’s unique rack protector designs.

Handl -It offers specialized end of row and aisle protectors specifically constructed to increase space utilization and safety simultaneously. A simple internal frame allows for these items to be installed close to the floor and rack and reduces your chances for machinery impacts, product destruction, and potential aisle collapse.

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The company was founded in 1976 and the brand Handle It was born in 1999 by Jim Hunter, president of MII Equipment. Drawing on nearly 25 years of industry experience Handle It was created to manufacture floor mounted safety equipment, dock equipment, ergonomic equipment, packaging equipment and other material handling products to serve the needs of industrial customers.



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