Stretch Wrap Machine Grade FilmStretch Wrap Machine Grade FilmStretch Wrap Machine Grade Film

Stretch Wrap Machine Grade Film

  • High Quality Machine Grade films
  • Up to 300% Pre-Stretch Film Ratio
  • 20″ wide film in a variety of film gauges
  • Pallet loads of rolls ship freight inclusive

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It is important to use the correct type of stretch film in our stretch wrap machines. There are many different manufactures and types of stretch film in the market. You must use machine grade film in our machines or you will most likely see poor performance and film tearing. Hand grade films are not made to withstand the tension and stretch that a machine can put on the film. Our machines require 20” wide machine grade film to feed through the carriage rollers properly, you can you narrower film but 20″ is the most common.

Film is classified by the gauge or thickness of the material. For our power pre-stretch models 850PS, 1100AC, 1200UL, and 1100AA-C we suggest an 90 gauge or higher equivalent film grade. This will help reduce the chance of tearing as the film is stretched through the powered rollers. The type of pallets and product you’re wrapping along with the speed and tension of the film all play a role in the quality of the wrap and the risk of film tearing. We are happy to make suggestion on the best film choice for your operation.

Stretch Film Overview and things to think about:

  • You must use machine grade film in our machines
  •  Our pre-stretch machines require 80-90 gauge equivalent or higher to reduce the chance of film tearing on corners of the pallet and product.
  • Sharp edges, speed, and film tension level all play a role in the quality of your wrap and the chance of having the film tear.
  • You can reduce cost by selecting the best film gauge for your operation.
  • By selecting the right film you reduce wasted film (too many revolutions), reduce chance of tearing, and reduce overspending on too thick of film that can be costly. All things that shorten the cylce and reduce wasted material.
  • We are happy to help you select the right type of film for or machines and your application


PART # SWMF-20-90-50

90 gauge high performance machine grade film and is best suited when using our pre-stretch carriages.

PART # SWMF-20-140-30

140 gauge high performance strength of a 150 gauge film has a thickness equal to a ziploc bag. Use on heavy loads or where you need high tear resistance.