Stretch Wrapping Electrical Cabinets

electrical cabinets need to be securely stretch wrapped prior to storage and transport

Stretch wrapping electrical cabinets by hand can often lead to damaged products during transport. Human fatigue, sharp metal corners, and heavy loads can contribute to an insecure wrap. Pallet wrapping machines from Handle It will provide you with a secure, consistent wrap no matter how heavy or bulky the electrical cabinet might be.

Handle It’s mobile, fully, and semi-automatic turntable stretch wrappers offer a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • 6 quick select programs, 56 cycle parameters, & diagnostics
  • Ability to wrap up to wrap tall, unstable, or extremely heavy loads
  • Up to 600% power pre-stretch (Model 2200)
  • 118″ maximum load wrap height
  • Safer and easier loading and unloading
  • User-friendly control


Recommended Products


Go mobile with the Handle It Model 3000 mobile shrink wrap machine. Flexible and portable, it’s ideal for long, unstable, or heavy pallet loads. The heavy-duty battery allows for up to 200 pallet loads per charge.


The Handle It Model 2200 Rotary Arm Pallet Wrapper lets you wrap huge, unstable, or heavy loads quickly. The 250% power pre-stretch feature increases film usage efficiency, while the fully adjustable wrap cycles deliver maximum flexibility.


The patented ultra-low frame (.75”) of the Handle It Model 1200UL allows for ease of loading and unloading from all three sides without using a long ramp. The small frame and footprint enable you to use your floor space more efficiently.

Pro Tips

Here are several Pro Tips that will help you properly shrink wrap black and dark-colored products for transport:

  • A great starting point is a cycle with 2-3 top and bottom rotations with a film tension of around 50% for average pallet loads.
  • On initial setup try slower speeds and less tension and work your way up to optimize cycle time and load containment.
  • If you have sharp edges on the product try lower film tension and rotation speed or consider a thicker more puncture-resistant film.
  • If you have outlier products at the top try increasing the overwrap delay or “flanging” time along with top rotations to make sure you get the film band high enough to catch the top layer.

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3000 Series Mobile Stretch Wrap machine in action wrapping a heavy pallet of electrical cabinets.


The below industries can benefit from the many features of a Handle It semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine.



Help ensure the safe transport and delivery of your electrical cabinets to electrical retailers and other big-box retail stores. Plastic wrapping electrical cabinets can help reduce the chances of damaged merchandise while in transit due to wrapping pallets by hand.


Logistical and warehouse operations receive and devan countless pallets every day. Wrapping electrical cabinets with a pallet wrapper will keep the shipment safe until it reaches its final destination.


Ensure the secure transport of your customer’s electrical cabinets with a fully or semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine. The 250% power pre-stretch allows for up to 50% savings in shrink wrap usage.


Handle It pallet wrappers can alleviate the manual labor required to wrap electrical cabinets at your manufacturing facility. Regardless of size, shape, or weight, you can securely wrap your pallets for shipment with precision and consistency.


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Pallet Wrappers to Match Your Application

Handle It has a wide range of fully automatic, semi-automatic and mobile robotic pallet wrappers that come with many features that will allow you to improve your shipping efficiency while properly securing your pallets for transport.

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