Industrial Safety Fencing Around Pallet Wrapping MachineIndustrial Safety Fencing Around Pallet Wrapping MachineIndustrial Safety Fencing Around Pallet Wrapping Machine
Light Curtain Around Pallet Wrapping MachineLight Curtain Around Pallet Wrapping Machine

Industrial Safety Fencing and Light Curtains

Shipping departments are a hubbub of worker and forklift activity. Heavy machinery, such as pallet wrappers, can pose a significant safety hazard to nearby employees. All it takes is one small misstep for an industrial accident to occur. 

Machine fencing and light curtains can help protect your workers by providing a more secure working environment. They also offer a wide range of benefits, such as compliance with OSHA, improved employee morale, and reduced downtime.

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Protect Your Workers & Get in Compliance

Pallet wrapping machines and other powered industrial equipment have multiple moving parts that can cause catastrophic injuries. Machine fencing and light curtains add several layers of protection and help your business remain in regulatory compliance. Employee morale will also rise as they can see that the company cares about protecting them from harm.

Machine Fencing — Fence off Dangerous Equipment and Areas

Machine fencing puts a tall, durable fence around a particular piece of equipment or area. Industrial safety fencing offers many benefits, such as:

  • Quick installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Strong and stable
  • Easy to modify
  • Complies with OSHA 29 CFR 1910 machine guarding requirements

Industrial Safety Fencing Around Pallet Wrapping Machine

Light Curtains — An Investment in Reduced Worker Downtime

Protect those who work around potentially dangerous machinery with an industrial light curtain. They’re ideal for areas where machine fencing would hinder routine maintenance. Light curtains utilize two metal boxes mounted opposite each other. The system sends multiple beams of infrared light from one box to the other. If any one of the beams is interrupted, the device sends a signal, and the machine is immediately shut down in a fraction of a second—which is far quicker than a human can react. There are many different types of light curtains, each of which is designed to protect a specific body part:

  • Finger detection
  • Hand detection
  • Arm detection
  • Body detection

Light Curtain Around Pallet Wrapping Machine

Handle It Protection & Safety Devices

In addition to our diverse line of semi and fully automatic pallet wrapping machines, Handle It offers many different safety devices to help protect both your equipment and workers, such as steel bollards, post protectors and guard rails. Unsure which protective device you need? Let our product specialists help.

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Personal and professional customer service is offered on all Handle-It® Industrial Safety Fencing & Light Curtains. Our Industrial Safety Fending and Light Curtains carry a three-year limited warranty on all materials and workmanship.