Mobile Robot Stretch Wrapper - Model 3000Mobile Robot Stretch Wrapper - Model 3000Mobile Robot Stretch Wrapper - Model 3000
3000 series Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine3000 series Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine
3000 series Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine3000 series Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine
3000 series Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine3000 series Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine
3000 series Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine3000 series Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine
3000 series Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine3000 series Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine

3000 Series Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine

We designed the Handle It® Model 3000 mobile stretch wrap machine to be both portable and flexible. It’s well-suited for a wide variety of applications, such as long, heavy, or unstable pallet loads. It runs on a heavy-duty battery that allows for up to 200 pallet loads per charge.

Don’t let its compact size fool you—the 3000 series mobile stretch wrap machine comes with top-of-the-line functions and features found on the stationary models, including a 250% powered pre-stretch, a user-friendly PLC touch screen control panel, and a braked carriage.

Fully customized wrap settings and a Siemens Simatic touchscreen display to manage wrap cycles make the Handle It® Model 3000 ideal for locations that do not have a centralized shipping area. At the end of the day, it’s small enough to be tucked away in the corner while recharging the battery.

MSRP: $18,000


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The model 3000 mobile pallet wrapper is ideal for wrapping long, heavy, or unstable pallets. It works extremely well for multi-purpose and limited space applications. Easily deploy it when needed, and then put it away when you’re finished.

Fully Portable Performance

  • Up to 200 pallets wrapped per charge
  • Unlimited pallet length
  • 94″ maximum load wrap height. Options for up to 118″
  • Unlimited load weight capacity
  • Daily workload – up to 350 cycles
  • 250% power pre-stretch film carriage for improved efficiency
  • 2-year warranty


  • Electromagnetic brake for film stretching.
  • Photocell for pallet height detection.
  • Powerboard ip54.
  • The main parameters are password protected.
  • The control panel’s main parameters are adjustable: cycle selection, bottom wraps, top wraps, rotation speed, carriage speed going up, carriage speed going down, film tension, photocell delay and starting height.
  • Acoustic warning at the cycle beginning and stop.
  • Battery charge monitoring and warning message on the display when the battery is low.
  • Guide wheel with quick height adjustment.
  • Autodiagnostic with error codes, making troubleshooting easier.


  • Photocell for Dark Loads
  • Double Wheel
  • Auto cut-off
  • 118” Max Wrap Height
  • Spare Battery Kits

How Does a Mobile Robotic Stretch Wrap Machine Work?

Mobile robotic stretch wrappers are ideal for both standard and non-standard size pallet loads. The machine works by placing the guide tire against the pallet or if necessary against the load. To position the guide wheel, use the drive button on the handle of the machine until it is properly aligned. It is important to make sure the guide arm is angled towards the direction of the machine travel. Once in place with the film tied, you can start an automatic wrap cycle. The machine will begin to drive around the pallet applying film according to your preset program.

Model 3000 robotic stretch wrap machine wrapping a pallet of boxes on a warehouse floor


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3000 Getting Started Guide

3000 Getting Started

SWM-MR-3000 – Product Information Sheet

Start up guide for use with Siemens HMI controls


  • Drive speed 1.6 – 4.4 feet per second
  • Two 12v AGM batteries
  • Touch Screen controls
  • 20 programmable wrap cycles
  • Machine size 72″L x 30″ W x 99″ H
  • 900 lbs
  • Requires 56″ clearance around the pallet load


  • Designed and manufactured in Europe
  • Final assembly, testing, and programming in Milwaukee, Wi
  • ISO 9000 certification
  • CE compliant
  • Utilize high quality components
  • We test and pre-program every machine prior to shipment


Mobile Robot Stretch Wrapper Demo

Mobile Wrapper Application Video

Handle It Model 3000 Wrapping vs Man Wrapping

Handle It Model 3000 Mobile Wrapper Initial Setup and Installation

Handle It Model 3000 Mobile Wrapper – Loading the film

Handle It Model 3000 – Charging the Battery

Handle It Model 3000 – Main Controls Overview

Handle It Model 3000 – Main Menu Overview – Touch Screen

Handle It Model 3000 – Viewing Parameters and Making Changes to a Cycle

Handle It Model 3000 – Adjusting the Guide Wheel

Handle It Model 3000 – Starting and Selecting an Automatic Cycle

Handle It Model 3000 – Using and Making Changes to Manual Mode

Handle It Model 3000 – How to Use Reinforcement Wraps

Handle It Model 3000 – Arm out of Position Alarm

Handle It Model 3000 Features & Benefits

Handle It Model 3000 – Using and Resetting E-Stop


  • 2 year limited warranty
Model 3000 Siemens touchscreen control panel

Easily control your wrap programs with the touch screen display—up to 20 custom programs with all the parameters you need.

Model 3000 robotic stretch wrap machine with roll of shrink wrap

Digitally controlled power pre-stretch carriage with 250% stretch for film efficiency. Lower your film consumption by up to 60% vs. hand wrapping.

Side view of the Model 3000 robotic stretch wrap machine

The safety switch belt and beacon light ensure that the wrapping area is safe while the machine is operating.

Benefits of Mobile Robotic Stretch Wrap Machines

Mobile stretch wrap machines are ideal for smaller packing and shipping areas. The Handle It® Model 3000 may look small, but it packs just as many features as its bigger counterparts, including the ability to wrap up to 200 pallets on a single charge!

Mobile shrink wrap machines offers three main benefits:

Mobility—Many shipping areas and warehouses are short on floor space. Since a mobile robotic stretch wrap machine is designed to be portable, it allows for quick deployment, wrapping, and storage out of the way. It’s also great for driving to different areas of the warehouse, performing a wrap job, and then having a forklift move the wrapped pallets out onto the loading docks.

Oversized Loads—Some stationary pallet wrapping machines have size restrictions and limitations. A mobile pallet wrapper can easily tackle these non-standard loads and prevent workers from spending valuable time wrapping it manually.

Unstable or Heavy Loads—Mobile stretch wrap machines are ideal for heavy or unbalanced loads. Many stationary pallet wrapping machines utilize a turntable to turn the pallet—this could cause the uneven load to fall off. The Model 3000 Series moves around the pallet as it wraps, thereby keeping the pallet stationary, level, and the load in place at all times.

Handle It® Model 3000 Stretch Wrap Machines

The Handle It Model 3000 Series offers a portable stretch wrap solution for organizations with small spaces or no dedicated packing and shipping area. It comes standard with the following features:

  • Rack and pinion carriage drive system adds to the reliability and reduces downtime.
  • Integrated control board makes repair and diagnosis easier and reduces machine downtime.
  • Siemens VFD for the power pre-stretch carriage
  • Electronically controlled power pre-stretch carriage significantly increases film efficiency.

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  • How much room to do you need to run the mobile pallet wrapper? You need at least 60″ of clearance around the pallet but having more is recommended so that there is ample room particularly if there is foot traffic. 
  • Can I short charge the batteries? No it is recommended that you fully cycle the batteries and fully recharge. Repeated short charging can shorten the life of the batteries. 
  • Can I adjust the height of the guide tire Yes, you can adjust the height so that you can ensure a clear path for the guide wheel. If needed, we offer a wider tire to help if there are issues with the narrow tire.