8 Orbital Wrapper Applications for Improved Efficiency & Safety

Horizontal orbital stretch wrappers vastly increase the speed and efficiency with which objects can be wrapped in film to protect them during shipping or storage and offer clear benefits in terms of safety and cost savings. Below we take a look at some of the vast range of applications for which a new generation of…

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8 Benefits of Orbital Wrappers You Should Know

Orbital stretch wrappers allow you to quickly and efficiently wrap almost any object in flexible packaging film but the benefits of this versatile, cost-saving technology go far beyond that. Let’s take a closer look at what a horizontal orbital stretch wrapper is, and break down some of the immediate and long-term benefits of adding one…

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Helping a Military Surplus Tire Dealer Save Money with an Orbital Wrap Machine

Feltz Tire, based in Marshfield, WI, has a unique business model. They procure used military vehicle tires, primarily from Humvees, and resell them to the general public. These tires have an aggressive tread ideal for older model pickup trucks, skid steers, custom off-road rigs, and farm trucks. Even though Feltz Tire’s prices are competitive, they…

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Handle It vs. Yellow Jacket Semi-Automatic Orbital Wrappers

Orbital Wrappers, also known as Horizontal Stretch Wrappers, are instrumental in saving your business time and money during the product wrapping process. Semi-Automatic Orbital Wrappers are used for bundling products by manually feeding material through the machine and packaging with stretch film. These machines come in various sizes and can be used for anything from…

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Save Time & Money With Our New Orbital Wrapping Machines

Handle It has a well-deserved reputation for our competitively priced, high-quality, and durable stretch wrappers. We proudly continue that tradition with our three new lines of orbital wrapping machines to streamline your packaging operations. Orbital wrapping machines can wrap products better and quicker than manual labor and are ideal for products that are long, flat,…

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