Choosing a Stretch Wrapper Manufacturer: 8 Mistakes to Avoid

As mounting costs and labor shortages continue to put the squeeze on manufacturing and distribution operations, every piece of equipment has a part to play in getting product out the door quickly and efficiently. Your stretch wrapper is no exception. Pick the right equipment supplier, and you gain a valuable partner in optimizing your workflow….

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Handle It 850 PS vs. Cousins 2100 SRT & Phoenix PLP 2100

Semi-automatic stretch wrappers will help improve the efficiency of your shipping or packaging department thanks to a wide range of time-saving features. When compared to wrapping pallets by hand, a stretch wrapper provides a more secure and consistent wrap. At Handle It, we’re often asked about the differences between the Handle It 850 PS, the…

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Handle It 1100 AA-C vs. Cousins A-ARM

Automatic stretch wrappers can take your packaging or shipping department to the next level with many practical and time-saving features. Power pre-stretch, auto film weld, and full remote control can help improve productivity while providing a consistent and safe wrap. At Handle It, we’re often asked what’s the difference between our model 1100 AA-C fully…

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Handle It 1100AA-C vs. Lantech Q300XT

In the world of automated stretch wrappers, the Handle It 1100AA-C and the Lantech Q-300XT stand out as two viable choices. While both models offer similar solutions, their distinct strengths and weaknesses set them apart. Read on to discover the similarities and differences between the 1100AA-C and Q300XT automatic pallet wrapping machines. Handle It 1100AA-C…

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Case Study: How Handle It Helped an Onion and Garlic Grower Solve a Unique Shipping Challenge

Handle It recently completed a custom pallet wrapping job that supplied a semi-automatic pallet wrapper to an onion and garlic growing company. The project required Handle It to demonstrate that their pallet wrapping machines could securely wrap a fragile product for safe transport. Dutch Valley Growers Dutch Valley Growers is a grower and wholesale supplier…

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CASE STUDY: Helping an eCommerce Cutlery Site Solve an Inbound Inventory Challenge

In August of 2018, a cutlery eCommerce company contacted Handle It for help solving a warehouse inbound inventory challenge that was creating a bottleneck and costing them a tremendous amount of money and man-hours. Cutlery and More Cutlery and More is an online eCommerce website that sells high-end cutlery, pans, and other cookware. They ship…

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Manufacturer of Stretch Wrap Equipment, Guard Rails and Rack Protection

Pallet & Stretch Wrappers

Shop our wide variety of pallet wrapping machines and stretch wrappers to improve your current packaging process.

  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic machines
  • Full range from entry level to heavy use
  • Turntable – Mobile – & Rotary Arm types
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Orbital Wrappers

Shop our several types and sizes of orbital wrapping machines to meet your horizontal product bundling needs.

  • Semi-Automatic Orbital Wrappers
  • Automatic Orbital Wrappers
  • C-Style Orbital Wrappers
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Guard Rail

Shop our guard rail systems and components to improve the safety of the people, structures and items in your warehouse.

  • Great for shipping & picking areas, dock doors, offices & more
  • Impact rated and powder coated yellow
  • Single and Double high rail systems
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Rack & Post Protectors

Shop rack & post protectors to decrease the damage to your pallet racks and posts due to impact from forklifts and pallets.

  • Sizing for all rack uprights
  • Bright yellow powder-coating for high visibility
  • End of Aisle & in aisle upright designs available
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