Handle It 1100AA-C vs. Lantech Q300XT

In the world of automated stretch wrappers, the Handle It 1100AA-C and the Lantech Q-300XT stand out as two viable choices. While both models offer similar solutions, their distinct strengths and weaknesses set them apart.

Read on to discover the similarities and differences between the 1100AA-C and Q300XT automatic pallet wrapping machines.

Handle It 1100AA-C

Handle It 1100AA-C Automatic Stretch Wrapper

The Handle It Model 1100AA-C automatic pallet wrapping machine is a top-of-the-line stretch wrapper. It’s ideal for high-volume operations, wrapping up to 300 loads per day.

This advanced wrapping machine offers many valuable features and benefits:

High Production Speed

The 1100AA-C can wrap a pallet that weighs up to 4,400 lbs in around 2 minutes. This fast speed enables busy facilities to achieve more throughput than manual wrapping.

Generous Wrap Height

The 94″ max wrap height accommodates tall and oversized loads with plenty of overlap for a secure wrap. It also offers an extended wrap height of 118.”

Efficient Operation

The standard remote control and other features enable operators to complete the entire wrapping process without leaving the forklift. These automatic capabilities save time and enhance operator safety.

Adjustable Parameters

Operators can fine-tune the wrap pattern via the user-friendly PLC control panel. For example, they can change settings like film tension, 250% pre-stretch, starting stretch wrap height, top/bottom wraps, and more. This degree of customization optimizes the wrap for different types of loads.

Multiple Wrap Cycles

The Model 1100AA-C has easily adjustable parameters such as starting wrap height, bottom wraps, top wraps, film tension, and carriage ascent & descent speed. Six working cycles help to ensure complete stretch wrap load coverage:

  1. Ascent/descent
  2. Topsheet
  3. Only ascent
  4. Only descent
  5. Layers
  6. Stack

Reliable Components

The 1100AA-C uses robust and durable components like a rack-and-pinion carriage drive, heavy-duty rollers, and self-lubricating turntable bearings. These innovative design features improve machine uptime.


Handle It provides a 3-year warranty on all major components of the 1100AA-C. This guarantee demonstrates confidence in the quality and reliability of the machine.

The 1100AA-C gives users the versatility, speed, and durability needed in demanding warehouse and shipping environments. With its robust design and many valuable features, users can trust the 1100AA-C to perform consistent, high-quality wraps.

Lantech Q-300XT

The Q300XT is Lantech’s high-end model offering. It can wrap 30 to 40 loads per hour and comes with a 300% power pre-stretch. However, it lacks a remote control as a standard feature. As such, operators must get off their forklifts to start a wrap cycle.

When securely wrapping pallet loads, the tail-end treatment of the wrap cycle is of utmost importance. The 1100AA-C forms the tail of the wrap into a solid rope and then securely seals it to the load. The Q300XT only offers this feature as an extra option.

The Lantech Q300XT has mechanical timing components that can wear out over time. In contrast, the Model 1100AA-C features a reliable rack and pinion carriage drive system that increases uptime.

The Lantech offers unremarkable performance compared to the Handle It stretch wrapper. Many features that come standard on the 1100AA-C are only available as add-on options on the Q300XT. Overall, the Lantech machine gets the wrapping job done on a basic level.

Comparison Chart

Specs Handle It 1100AA-C Lantech Q300XT
Load Capacity 4,400lbs 4,000lbs
Wrap Cycles 6 working cycles and 32 end-user programs Unknown
Electronic Film Tension Control Yes Yes
Variable Tension Control Multiple tension levels throughout the cycle One tension setting through entire wrap cycle
Remote Control Standard? Yes No
Optional Equipment Extended Max Wrapping Height 118″, loading ramp, integrated scale Extended Max Wrapping Height 110″, Loading ramp, integrated scale 
Turntable Diameter 71” 65”
Standard Pre-Stretch Up to 250% Up to 300%
Wrap Height 94”  80”
Photo Eye Yes Yes
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 113″ x 71″ x 121″ 120″ x 67″ x 93″


1100AA-C vs. Q300XT Feature Comparison

There are many important aspects that can improve load safety and increase efficiency when wrapping pallets. Let’s contrast and compare the above features of the two models:

Load Capacity

Handle It’s 1100AA-C can wrap loads up to 4,400 lbs, whereas the Lantech has a 4,000 lb weight limit. This greater load capacity offers more versatility for warehouses and distribution centers needing to wrap heavier pallets.

Wrap Cycles

The Handle It model has 6 working cycles and 32 end-user programs compared to an unknown number for the Lantech wrapper. More wrap cycle options let operators tailor the wrap pattern for different load sizes, shapes, weights, and contents. This level of flexibility ensures safe and secure loads.

Electronic Film Tension Control

Both machines offer electronic film tension control for consistent wrap quality. However, the Lantech only has a single tension setting. The Handle It takes it a step further with variable tension levels throughout the cycle. This increased control gives operators more flexibility to optimize tension for different loads and materials with the Handle It.

Remote Control

A handy remote control comes standard with the Handle It—but not the Lantech. A remote allows the forklift operator to remain in their seat instead of hopping off to press a button. The driver can pick up another pallet while the machine performs the wrapping cycle. This time-saving feature quickly adds up over the course of an 8-hour work shift.

Optional Equipment

The optional extended max wrapping height, loading ramp, and integrated scale are available for both machines. The Handle It max height is 118″ versus 110″ for the Lantech. The greater max wrap height of the Handle It gives it an advantage for extra tall loads.

Turntable Diameter

At 71″, the Handle It turntable is larger than the Lantech’s 65″ diameter. The greater surface area of the 1100AA-C makes it better suited for wrapping oversized or unusually shaped loads. However, both machines offer a variable 12 RPM turntable speed.

Standard Pre-Stretch

The Lantech touts a higher pre-stretch percentage at 300% vs 250% on the Handle It. However, both offer ample pre-stretch capability for high-quality, secure wraps.

Wrap Height

With a wrap height of 94″, the Handle It can accommodate taller loads than the 80″ max height of the Lantech. The greater wrap height gives the Handle It 1100AA-C an edge when wrapping loads with a high center of gravity.

Photo Eye

Photo eyes come standard on both machines for automatic load height detection. This feature allows for efficient, hands-free operation without manually entering load measurements.

Machine Dimensions

Despite its greater load capacity and wrap height, the Handle It has a smaller footprint than the Lantech. The more compact 1100AA-C is ideal for warehouses and operations with limited floor space.

The Handle It Model 1100AA-C Advantage

The 1100AA-C offers more capability, control, and flexibility than the Q-300XT. The Handle It pallet wrapper stands out as the superior choice for high-volume facilities that need to wrap various load sizes.

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