C-STYLE 90 Orbital Wrap MachineC-STYLE 90 Orbital Wrap MachineC-STYLE 90 Orbital Wrap Machine

FA-90C Round/Coil Products Orbital Wrap Machine

Automatic orbital wrapper used for bundling product by feeding material through the machine and packaging with stretch film. Also known as a horizontal stretch wrapper, this machine is ideal for warehouse and manufacturing use. The model OWM-FA-90C is ideal for products without glass, like frames, structures and windows. It can also be used for round products such as hose rolls, wire rolls, wheels and rings. The user places the product manually until the wrapping machine ring center; pressing the footswitch the ring closes automatically; the product turns automatically and the machine wraps it with stretch film; the ring opens automatically and, finally, the user take out the product fully wrapped.

Standard dual film reel delivery system gives you faster throughput

Double automatic film cutting and clamp standard with blade protection

Simple speed and film tension adjustment

110v standard plug with a foot pedal control

Automatic stretch film threading for reel changing

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Standard equipment:

  • Steel frame, painted in gray and base in green color
  • Ring assembled in the frame, painted in yellow color.
  • Driven rollers table to make the rotation of product automatically.
  • Double reel dispenser head; allows to wrap with two reels of stretch film for a reinforced wrapping and faster packaging or to wrap with one reel for a simple wrapping; ready to use reels of different width.
  • Fast changing reels without tools and with self-fixing system.
  • Adjustable stretch film tension to fit it to the product.
  • Double automatic stretch film clamp and cutter system for two reels.
  • Automatic stretch film threading for reel changing.
  • Stopping system to place the reel dispenser head in the exact position for reel changing.
  • Adjustable rotation ring speed to control the stretch film overlap onto the product.
  • Variable driven conveyors speed to control the wrapping speed or to adjust stretch film overlap onto the product.
  • Safety foot switch to start/finish the wrapping cycle.
  • Ring driver system through toothed belt of low maintenance and wear.
  • Control panel and electrical box: Master switch, power/warning light, reset button, ring speed control, rollers speed control, reel change & emergency stop.
  • Polycarbonate side shields.


Accessories (optional):

  • Side vertical roller with manual fitting to guide the product.
  • Wheels with brake.
  • Remote technical assistance (via Ethernet).


Product to wrap sizes:

  • Minimum / Maximum inner Ø : 15.75″ / 58″
  • Minimum / Maximum outer Ø : 25.5″/ 70″
  • Minimum / Maximum thickness : 4″/ 16″
  • Minimum / Maximum weight : 22 lbs / 165 lbs.

Electrical equipment:

  • Power supply : 230V I.
  • Engine : 0,91 Kw
  • Manoeuvre : 24V c.c.
  • Power consumption : 0,62 Kw
  • Ring rotation speed : adjustable up 30 rpm.
  • Speed inverter : Fuji.
  • Automat / PLC : Omron.
  • Pneumatic pressure : 60 psi.
  • Compressed air consumption : 2 gallons/cycle.

Stretch film reel specifications:

  • Width : 4″.
  • Thickness : 17, 20, 23 or 30 microns.
  • Ø external / internal : 4.72″ / 1.5″.
  • Colour : Transparent or opaque.


The Model FA-90C has a 3-year warranty. For any service-related questions, please call and our technicians will be happy to assist.