Protective Wrap DispenserProtective Wrap DispenserProtective Wrap Dispenser
Protective Wrap DispenserProtective Wrap Dispenser
SA-200-250 Semi-Automatic Orbital Wrap MachineSA-200-250 Semi-Automatic Orbital Wrap Machine

Bubble Wrap Dispenser Option

Double automatic dispenser for bubble wrap, foam, polyethylene compatible with Orbital Wrapper. Applications protection with bubble plastic · foam · polyethylene products like furniture, cabinets, doors, boards, modules, windows, delicate products.

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Double automatic dispenser for bubble wrap, foam, and polyethylene; compatible with Orbital Wrapper.


Protection with bubble plastic, foam and polyethylene products like furniture, cabinets, doors, boards, modules, windows, delicate products.

Working process:

Through an infeed driven conveyor, the product automatically advances until the electrical photocell detects it, then the dispenser covers the product with bubble plastic · foam · polyethylene at the bottom, top as well as the front and back product sides. Upon reaching the wrapper ring, the product will be wrapped until the end of the process by covering the 6 product sides. Finally, the outfeed driven conveyor belt of the orbital wrapper pull out the product fully wrapped.

Standard Equipment:

  • Welding head with double electrical resistance system for bubble plastic, foam and polyethylene.
  • Double temperature regulator for electrical resistances.
  • Automatic cutting system through blade for bubble plastic · foam · polyethylene.
  • Side access door for easy coil change and threading.
  • Device that unable the machine to work while changing the coil for user safety.
  • Bottom and top coil holder available for bubble plastic and foam coils.
  • Fast changing coils without shafts extraction nor tools.•Semiautomatic threading of bubble plastic · foam · polyethylene for coil change.
  • Welding head transmission system through driven synchronized belts.
  • Steel frame painted in gray and green, black base with scratch resistant paint.
  • Interactive color touch screen, integrated on the side of the Bubble wrap Dispenser to program and adapt to the needs of the product to be wrapped:-Messages display.-Gifs explaining the activation of different functions.-Warning preventive maintenance-Available in 3 languages as standard.-Screen lock with password to avoid inappropriate manipulations of the chosen parameters.
  • Electric photocell to start packaging cycle.
  • Electric photocell to detect the product end to activate the welding head.
  • Integrated electrical panel, incorporates master switch.
  • Led warning light to inform status of HELIOS Dispenser (operative, working or emergency).


Customize your bubble wrap Dispenser:

  • Warning of bubble plastic dispenser · foam · polyethylene end.
  • Side bottom coil for working height lower than 1000mm and for easy coil change.
  • Bottom and top coil holder for polyethylene coils.
  • Safety fences + safety kit.


Dimensions product to be packed:

  • Maximum/minimum length
    no limit/ 600 mm
  • Maximum width and height
    Check with orbital wrapper graphic.
  • Minimum weight

Electrical equipment:

  • Installed power
    4,2 Kw
  • Electrical connection
    400V III+N+T.
  • Maneuver
    24V d.c.
  • Electricity consumption
    2,4 Kw
  • Speed inverter
  • Programmable PLC
  • Touch screen
    5 Inches
  • Pneumatic pressure
    6 bars.
  • Compressed air consumption
    3,5 liters/cycle.

Welder Bar:

  • Width
    2.100 mm.
  • Electrical resistances
    2 Units.

Bubble plastic coil dimensions/ Polyethylene/ foam:

  • Type
    Triple layer bubble plastic
    Polyethylene sheet**
    Foam sheet
  • Maximum width
  • Length
    150 mts.
    400 mts.
  • Ø maximum exterior
    800 mm.
    300 mm.
    800 mm.

(**) In case of application with polyethylene sheet it is necessary to inform when placing the order.


The Bubble Wrap Dispenser has a 3-year warranty. For any service-related questions, please call and our technicians will be happy to assist.