SA-200-250 Semi-Automatic Orbital Wrap MachineSA-200-250 Semi-Automatic Orbital Wrap MachineSA-200-250 Semi-Automatic Orbital Wrap Machine
SA-250 Semi-Automatic orbital wrapper with a conveyorSA-250 Semi-Automatic orbital wrapper with a conveyor

SA-250 Semi-Automatic Orbital Wrap Machine

Semi-automatic orbital wrapper used for bundling products by manually feeding material through the machine and packaging with stretch film. The model OWM-SA-250 is designed for wrapping, grouping and protecting bulky products. It can be used for furniture, doors, panels, wooden boards, cabinets, windows, and other large, bulky, or full pallet loads. Also known as a horizontal stretch wrapper, this machine is ideal for warehouse and manufacturing use.

Standard dual film reel delivery system gives you faster throughput

Double automatic film cutting and clamp standard with blade protection

Integrated electrical cabinet with touch screen controls

110v with a foot pedal control

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Performance & Specifications

  • 10” wide machine bundling film with 1.5” core
  • Double reel dispenser head, faster cycle times
  • Standard 55”w x 40” L entry and exit support rollers
  • Control system includes:
    1. Automatic film cutting system
    2. Semi-automatic stretchfilm threading for reel changing.
    3. Stopping system to place the reel dispenser head in the exact position for reel changing.
    4. Adjustable extra wrapping laps in both ends of the product for a higher protection.
    5. Ring speed controller (driver included) to adjust the stretchfilm overlap onto the product.
    6. Touch colour screen to programme and to adjust the machine to the specifications of the product to be wrapped (extra wrapping laps in the ends of the product, stretchfilm threading, 6 wrapping programmes, warning messages, reels change, only ends wrapping, 6 languages programmes).
  • Fast reel changing; no tools required
  • Adjustable film tension with consistent force
  • Safety features built into the cutting system and while changing reels
  • Foot switch control and main control panel with 3 wrapping modes
  • Rotation speed 5-45 RPM
  • 90 psi air required
  • 110v single phase
  • Machine size 102″ L x 115″ W x 103″ H (basic configuration including entry/exit rollers)


Product Information Sheet

Orbital Sizing Chart

Orbital Survey


Product to wrap sizes:

  • Maximum / minimum length : no limit / 23″ when the infeed conveyor enters the loop or 15.75″ with short products bridge.
  • Width and height : check with graphic.

Electrical equipment:

  • 110v single phase
  • Installed electrical power : 1,5 Kw
  • 24V d.c.
  • Electrical consumption : 0,58 Kw/hour
  • Ring rotation speed : 5 to 45 rpm (for configuration with speed inverter)
  • Speed inverter : Omron (for configuration with cutter system or ring speed control)
  • PLC : Omron (for configuration with cutter system)
  • Pneumatic pressure : 90 psi (for configuration with cutter system).
  • Compressed air consumption : 6.3 gal/cycle (for configuration with cutter system).

Stretchfilm or paper* reel specifications:

  • Width : 10″
  • Thickness : 20, 23, 30, 35 or 50 microns.
  • External / Internal Ø : 9″/ 1.5″

Review the chart below to choose the proper size wrapper for your products

Use this chart to determine which semi-auto orbital wrapper you need for your products.


The Model SA-250 has a 3-year warranty. For any service-related questions, please call and our technicians will be happy to assist.