FA-50 with Powered Roller Conveyor FA-50 with Powered Roller Conveyor FA-50 with Powered Roller Conveyor
FA-50 with Powered Roller Conveyor FA-50 with Powered Roller Conveyor
FA-50 Automatic Orbital Wrap MachineFA-50 Automatic Orbital Wrap Machine

FA-50 Automatic Orbital Wrap Machine

Automatic orbital wrapper used for bundling product with stretch film. Also known as a horizontal stretch wrapper, this machine is ideal for warehouse and manufacturing use. It automatically loads products and threads, wraps, and cuts stretch film. The model OWM-FA-50 is ideal for products like wood molding, flooring, profiles, aluminum bars, pipes, tubes, blinds, or any other small product needing to be bundled.

Standard dual film reel delivery system gives you faster throughput

Double automatic film cutting and clamp standard with blade protection

Highly customizable to suit your application

Power fed by conveyor and controlled by photocell

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Standard equipment:

  • Double reel dispenser head; allows to wrap with two reels of stretch film for a reinforced wrapping and faster packaging or to wrap with one reel for a simple wrapping; ready to use reels of different width.
  • Fast changing reels without tools and with self-fixing system.
  • Adjustable stretch film tension to fit it to the product.
  • Double automatic stretch film clamp and cutter system for two reels; cuts even with zero tension and has a blade protector for user safety.
  • Automatic stretch film threading for reel changing.
  • Stopping system to place the reel dispenser head in the exact position for reel changing.
  • Device that unable the machine to work while changing the reel for user safety.
  • Ring driver system through trapezoidal belt.
  • Ring speed controller to adjust working speed or stretch film overlap onto the product.
  • Adjustable extra wrapping laps in both ends of the product for a higher protection.

Interactive color touch screen, integrated in the front of the machine to program and adapt the wrapping machine to the needs of the product to be wrapped with:

  • Wrapping programs (9): 1 to 4 – Complete wrapping (from one product end to the other), 5-Only ends, 6-Banding, 7-Complete with intermediate banding, 8-Semi-automatic and 9-Only conveyors.
  • Display of messages, explanatory gif videos, change of reel, regulation of extra laps at product ends, on/off top presses (optional), up & down top presses regulation time (optional), distance between banding, warning preventive maintenance and programmable in 3 languages.
  • Option to eliminate film tails in the product start.
  • Screen lock with password to avoid inappropriate manipulations of the chosen parameters.
  • Integrated electrical cabinet and illuminated with led, to facilitate operations; incorporates master switch.
  • Led warning light to inform status of orbital wrapper (operative, working or emergency).


Product Information Sheet

Product Sizing Chart

Orbital Survey



Customize your machine:

  • Infeed & outfeed top pressers – manual fitting.
  • Infeed & outfeed top pressers – automatic fitting, includes electrical photocell to detect product outfeed.
  • Side vertical rollers, manual fitting, to guide and/or to group the product.
  • Side vertical rollers, automatic fitting (pneumatic), to guide and/or to group the product
  • Driven conveyor metal rollers 20″ x L40″ (other dimensions also available).
  • Driven conveyor belt 23″ x L40″ (other dimensions also available).
  • Driven conveyor metal rollers “V” shape 23″ W x 79″ L.
  • Automatic driven system to load laterally the product to be wrapped.
  • Automatic pneumatic system to remove the wrapped products laterally.
  • Automatic driven system to remove the wrapped products laterally.
  • Wheels with brake.
  • Short products bridge <20″
  • Warning of stretch film reel end.
  • Warning of stretch film breakage.
  • Outfeed conveyor electrical photocell to block the machine until product is remove.
  • Safety fences + safety kit.
  • Manual bubble wrap floor dispenser for reel up to 23″
  • Automatic top & bottom bubble wrap reel dispenser up to 40″ W, includes:
    1. Welding bar by electrical resistances to join the ends of the top and bottom bubble wrap reels.
    2. Welding temperature control to adjust the temperature depending on the bubble wrap thickness.
    3. Top and bottom bubble wrap reel dispenser; top reel to cover top side product length and bottom reel to cover bottom side product length.
    4. Electrical photocell to start automatically the wrapping cycle.
    5. Driven feeding of top and bottom bubble wrap reels, to avoid product pulls directly from them.
    6. Selector to cancel the automatic dispenser and to allow machine wrapping with stretch film only.
    7. Tower lights to inform status of dispenser.


Product to wrap sizes:

  • Maximum / minimum length : unlimited / 20″. when the infeed conveyor enters the loop
  • Other sizes : Check with graphic.
  • Minimum sizes : 2″x 2″ x 20″ (L).

Recommended conveyor belt specifications:

  • Useful width : 18″.
  • Length : 40″
  • Working height : adjustable.
  • Engine : 0.37 Kw*.
  • Lineal speed : From 26’/min. up to 98’/min.
  • Max. weight to convey : 33lb / lineal foot. (*) Speed inverter for infeed driven conveyor 0.75 Kw and outfeed driven conveyor 0.75 Kw.

Electrical equipment:

  • Engine : 1.25Kw
  • Power supply : 110v single phase
  • Power consumption : 0.64 Kw
  • Ring rotation speed : From 5 to 180 rpm.
  • Speed inverters
  • Programmable PLC
  • Omron.
  • Touch screen : 5 inches.
  • Pneumatic pressure : 90 psi
  • Compressed air consump. : 1.5 gal/cycle.

Stretchfilm reel specifications:

  • Width : 4″.
  • Thickness : 23 or 30 microns.
  • External / internal Ø :7.87″ / 1.5″

Review the chart below to choose the proper size wrapper for your products

Review the chart below to choose the proper size wrapper for your products


The Model FA-50 has a 3-year warranty. For any service-related questions, please call and our technicians will be happy to assist.