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Handle It offers a wide variety of machines to fit your needs and your budget . All of our machines are true semi-automatic machines. That means that you load the turntable, attach the film, start the cycle, and the machine wraps the whole pallet top to bottom. Our intention is to provide a machine for every level of budget and requirement with attention to quality and value. Below I will give details about the various machines and what applications they are best suited. 

600 Series (Basic semi-auto machine)

The 600 series pallet wrapper is ideal for the client that is upgrading from hand wrapping and needs to increase their throughput and ensure their wrap consistency. Load containment is critical and as you increase number of pallets wrapped the need for consistency is paramount. Semi-automatic machines like the 600 give you a consistent wrap time and time. With a budget friendly initial investment (List $4700) the 600 proves to be a substantial improvement over hand wrapping. The controls are simple and can be learned in a matter of minutes. We stand by the quality with a 3 year warranty too! 

800 Series ( Mid-Level semi-auto machine)

The 800 series is aimed at applications where throughput is moderate to high and the client wants a great balance of price and value. This machine is built for the long haul! The carriage drive system is rack and pinion for added longevity. The carriage is a robust design with electronically controlled film tension to dial it in just right. All metal rollers for the turntable and heavy duty bonfiglioli ac motors to power the turntable and the carriage. The 800 also adds up to 9 saved wrap cycles with fully independent speed settings. Another attribute of the 800 is the ability to save 9 recordable cycles. You can create a totally custom cycle step by step and have the machine playback that cycle. This can be extremely useful if you have nontraditional product (boxes) on your pallet. Things like reflective loads or loads with gaps/voids that can be hard for the photo eye to see, now you have an easy solution. It can also be used to reinforce specific areas of the product to increase the security of the load. The 800 really represents a great value for the features with a list of only $5800.

850PS Series (Mid to High Level semi-auto machine)

The 850PS series is based on the same exact controls and platform as the 800 but with one major upgrade, the powered pre-stretch film carriage. Film pre-stretch carriages greatly improve your efficiency by lowering the amount of film needed to wrap each pallet. With the cost per roll of film easily over $60 and the pre-stretch carriage stretching that out up to 250% it is easy to see that this type of machine will reduce your overall consumable costs. This machine is rated to wrap up to an average of 100 pallets per day but can be utilized in a wide range of applicaitons. For a list price of $8200 this machine is intended to cover the widest range of common applications and is our best selling machine.

1100AC (High Level semi-auto machine)

The 1100AC series is intended for a higher throughput facility or a client anticipating a lot of growth. The 1100AC is also a great fit if you need a lot of customization in your capabilities. The PLC controls allow for a multitude of information to be preset and stored on the machine. You can vary speed and tension throughout the cycle, pull diagnostics, control wrap height based on measurement vs. photo detection, and the machine comes standard with auto film cut. The intention with this model is offer just about anything we could think of to provide a solution for a client. Though the list of controlled parameters (57) seems daunting you can also keep this machine simple with the quick select features to keep your operations humming. The 1100AC comes standard with many installed features including film cut which is typically a cost adder from the competition. In addition this model has the longest list of optional features: 600% electric variable pre-stretch, extended wrap height, auto film attach, and scales to name a few. 

1200UL (Ultra-Low Frame semi-auto machine)

The 1200UL series has a patented ultra low frame. This provides a very distinguished advantage over any other wrapper in the market. If you are loading your pallets with hand or electric pallet jacks you’ve had to settle for adding a 6′ or longer ramp to get up to the turntable. Now with the 1200UL the ramp is only 8 inches long because it’s just that low to the ground. This gives you a few different benefits to consider: 1) You save 6-8′ of floor space 2) It’s easier and faster to load and unload the table 3) You don’t have to spend extra money on a heavy ramp. Now what is the benefit if you only load with forklifts? The major benefit is that the frame is so low your forklift can’t impact and cause damage. What we’ve seen is that many times the forklifts will continually use the machine frame as a bump stop to let them know when to drop the pallet. This can cause numerous repairs and costly downtime of your machine. The 1200UL has all the same benefits of the 1100AC except the auto cut but has the 3/4” ultra low frame. 


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